Train Your Mind for Productivity E-Course + Mindful Planner Digital Bundle

Train Your Mind for Productivity E-Course + Mindful Planner Digital Bundle based on Clarisa Romero’s proprietary science & evidence-based method the 4 Step Brain H.A.C.K. ® process. The E-course will guide you through the science and principles found in the Mindful Planner. Together they will create an environment in which your brain will function at its best. The Planner is designed with tips and follows a specific format to keep you focused to accomplish your goals without finishing your day feeling burned out. According to neuroscience, it takes about 60-66 days (2 months) to form new habits. Therefore, the planner follows a 2-month format to help you train your brain with habits that will lead to better productivity. 60 days, undated, so you can use it any time of year. Clarisa Romero is the International Best-Selling Author of The Fearless Entrepreneur. She is a Business Mindset Coach. She teaches and speaks on the science of success and how to find your next chapter & life purpose. What you'll get:• You’ll learn neurological techniques to unlock your inner power. • You’ll feel prepared to do what’s necessary to achieve your life goals faster and easier. • How to put your brain into high gear and start making your dreams a reality.• How to implement new habits into your daily routine. • How to take action and live life using your highest performing brain. BONUS -  My Amazon Best Seller The Fearless Entrepreneur E-Book $197.00  

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