Founder Clarisa Romero

Award-Winning Thought Leader | Change Agent

Advocate for Hacking Your Brain for Peak Performance & Well-Being

Ten years ago, Clarisa experienced a series of traumatic events that caused an overwhelming amount of stress and a deep depression.  She spent years learning how to reprogram her thoughts and beliefs in order to heal and reinvent the life of her dreams.

This led her to create the 4 Step Brain H.A.C.K technique. A science-based and evidence-driven practice that will empower you with the tools and knowledge to become the best version of you.

Clarisa Romero is an Award-winning international presenter, trainer, and transformational coach, certified in Mindfulness & Conscious Business. She is CEO & Founder of Mindful Consultants and is a leading voice in the mindfulness community.

Clarisa is the creator of the "4 Step Brain H.A.C.K." framework & The Mindful Empowerment Movement focused on helping individuals reprogram their mind and rewire their brains to achieve peak performance, resilience, a fearless attitude, and a razor-sharp mind.


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