Mindful Consultants is a boutique firm that specializes in the practice of mindfulness – a neuroscience-based practice that emphasizes retraining the brain to perform in the present moment with an inquisitive, non-judgmental mind.  

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Is your mind full or are you mindful?

It’s all about being present.

Our fast-paced society prevents us from being and living in the moment. A vast majority of us are overextended, functioning on autopilot and stretched to our limits.

Trauma and stress have no color or age.  We all deal with stressors on a daily basis.  There are many factors that attribute to a mind that is full of mental waste:

  • Anxiety
  • Personal and professional stressors
  • Health
  • Scattered thoughts
  • Being unsatisfied
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Mindfulness builds awareness through life skills that stimulates intellectual growth, stress reduction and emotion regulation. It is a powerful tool that promotes transformational change and can create a shift from the old habits that lead to the same results.


Our Mindfulness services are offered in an individual or group setting. 

We teach, coach and create customized programs for public, private, and academic settings that focus on the science of mindfulness and leadership. It is through these programs that we help individuals increase self-awareness and self-regulation, as well as assist in developing a conscious business environment resulting in a competitive advantage.


Our purpose is to guide participants through these techniques to reset, retrain and revive their senses, which will enable them to focus, lead, and perform with clarity instead of operating from a reactive default state of mind.