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Clarisa Romero

Founder and CEO of Mindful Consultants


Hi, my name is Clarisa Romero, I am a Certified Mindfulness and Conscious Business Coach.


We all deal with stressors on a daily basis. I know this all too well. For many years, I worked in stressful environments that were not rewarding. I lived on autopilot and did not understand or believed I could change my circumstances. Until I reached a breaking point, I went through a series of traumatic events from losing my father to cancer, getting divorced, losing my job and selling my home, all within a year.

My grief, sorrow and loss fueled a passion and desire for knowledge and understanding that led to discovering the power of practicing mindfulness. This resulted in self-awareness, healing, personal and professional success. I found fulfillment helping others confront their own challenges. Therefore, I utilized my background in education, mental health, and business development, coupled it with training from LinkedIn’s Conscious Business Academy and Mindful Schools out of California, and founded Mindful Consultants, LLC to introduce mindfulness practices to a wider audience of individuals and business professionals.


I am also the co-founder of the New York Open Mindful Living Event and the Newark Mindful Living Festival which provide a sample of mindfulness practices that can be used to enhance productivity and success in both your personal and professional lives.